Did Channing Tatum Really Hurt Himself in Foxcatcher Movie

Hopefully, this year would be a good year for Channing Tatum because of his very first, Oscar campaign. For those who haven't heard the news yet, the actor's performance in Bennett Miller's upcoming sports drama, “Foxcatcher,” has been earning positive reviews from the critics and those who have seen a teaser of this drama. Likewise, rumor has it that he could be a promising contender as we approach closer to the awards season. A lot of critics were hands down to his performance as the wrestler, Mark Schultz. As for us, even though we haven't seen this movie yet, we could assure that his passion and dedication into the role is something to look forward to and surely, it wouldn't be something that will disappoint us.

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Did Channing Tatum Really Hurt Himself in Foxcatcher? Let's Find Out!

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